Low Speed

01/09/2012, Engine Management - Concept for LNG Carriers
01/09/2012, ME-GI Dual Fuel MAN B&W Engines
01/09/2012, Costs and Benefits of LNG
01/09/2012, Tier III Two-stroke Technology
This MAN Diesel & Turbo two-stroke Tier III paper outlines the status and future development efforts in connection with Tier III technologies, and covers some of our efforts to develop measuring and calculation tools, securing better knowledge of engine processes like combustion, emission formation and scavenging of the engine.
01/09/2012, SFOC Optmisation Methods
One of the goals in the marine industry today is to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions from ships and thereby to reduce the fuel consumption for the propulsion of ships to the widest possible estimate at any load.
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