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15/01/2004, Service partnership with ENDESA group
The MAN B&W Diesel Group will set up a further diesel power plant for the Las Salinas power supply station on the Canary Island of Fuerteventura for ENDESA Generacion S.A. (Madrid). In addition, the two groups agreed upon an extensive service partnership for all power plants set up by MAN B&W Diesel for ENDESA.
22/12/2003, 100 mio kW MC
MAN B&W Diesel A/S engine orders have reached the historical output figure of 100,000,000 kW with the companys range of low speed two-stroke MC engines.
15/12/2003, Turbocharger production starts in Shanghai
The MAN B&W Diesel Group made a decisive strategic step by intensifying their commitments in China. A new turbocharger works was now opened in Shanghai. The target is to have 65 % of the Augsburg orders produced in China.
05/11/2003, High flexibility and efficiency in pipeline operations
On 1 August 2003 MAN Turbomaschinen AG (MAN TURBO) was awarded the order for the supply of three MOPICO compressors with electric motor drive
03/11/2003, From a standing start to second place in the "Best Supplier" competition:
The Brazilian oil and gas producer Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) has picked out MAN Turbomaschinen AG (MAN TURBO), Oberhausen, as its second best contract partner for 2003 in the "Major Service Contract" category
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